Friday, June 4, 2010


There is a new craze sweeping our nation some love it others hate it but whether we like it or not it's there what is it? Facebook, this is a craze which is kind of a mix of instant messaging emails and my space on which you have a wall to post photos and information about you. Is this good or bad what if you get stalked? What if you don't?

Facebook is great it can help you with almost everything you need to do on the Internet but if you arn't careful you may get stalked so why risk it? Teens are very social by nature so to them it is a great way to stay in touch which it is it's better thenalmost anything out there and it's free but there are always risks like stalker or killers or hackers. The truth is however those people will and have always existed their methods however have improved with technology so although ye that is a risk it always has been and it has never stopped us in the past from moving forwards!

So in conclusion there is no real risk in face-booking at least no risk that hast been there for years so why should we not enjoy it. This doesn't mean you shouldn't keep yourself proteceted but try not to worry so much there is a high chance you wont get raped

Monday, May 31, 2010


Ipods are a big thing now they are for many purposes buisness gaming and of course listening but why have they caught on so fast? There are many reasons this may be music is very popular and it's easier to use then cds but that would not be good enough to be as popular as it is right now. So what else has made these hand-held devices so popular well they do look good but there is more!

They are ideal for games on the go you can play all your favorite online games and more! You can also download any song you want instead of buying the whole album but if it's cheaper to get the album and you want the whole album then you can still get it and pull it off the cd onto your Ipod. So it is fun and portable and has good games on it so no wonder it caught.

In conclusion Ipods are good for almost anything gamin music and selecting the precise songs you want there are also many other features that the Ipod contain. Like shutting off your lights at home and finding resteraunts. So remember if your in the car and want to show your mom this super awesome blog THERES AN APP FOR THAT!

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